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Dr Sofia Singler

Junior Research Fellow in Architecture. University of Cambridge | PhD. 2020.

Doctoral Thesis: Building Alvar Aalto’s Church of the Three Crosses (1955–58)

Sofia Singler trained as an architect at the University of Cambridge and the Yale School of Architecture. She is currently a Fellow of Homerton College, Cambridge. She practiced architecture in Boston, MA, with a focus on educational and industrial buildings, before returning to Cambridge to undertake a PhD in architectural history. At Yale, she held the Edward P. Bass Scholarship in Architecture, and at Cambridge, a Gates Cambridge PhD Scholarship.

Her research interests lie in the history and theory of modern architecture, with particular focus on ecclesiastical architecture, Nordic modernism and Alvar Aalto. Singler’s work on Aalto’s unrealised funerary chapels and cemeteries was exhibited at the Alvar Aalto Museum in 2015, and her research on Aalto has been published in various books and journals, such as Architectural History. She currently sits as an elected member on the Alvar Aalto World Heritage Nomination Committee, which seeks to advance the appointment of Aalto’s buildings to the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Dr Sofia Singler
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