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Towards carbon free construction: Cultivating and manufacturing our homes

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

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The UK is legally committed to being zero-carbon and zero-waste by 2050. Engineered timber is the only large-scale construction material that can be grown. To fulfil our commitment to the environment, engineering, architecture and construction with timber can work together to achieve towards our carbon free goal. “Towards carbon free construction: Cultivating and manufacturing our homes” was an event during the London Climate Action Week 2020, in which world-lead specialists discussed about timber’s material properties, Modern Methods of Construction with timber and its suitability for different housing typologies and skills training for new jobs.

The event was introduced by Nicky Gavron AM and moderated by Antiopi Koronaki. Main speakers included Michael Ramage, Andrew Waugh, Samantha Wait and Maria Smith. This document summarizes the main points raised during the discussion and addresses all the questions raised by the audience. Alongside specialist knowledge on the engineered timber construction, we describe strategies that can help us build carbon free homes for our future.

To watch a video summary of the event, please click here


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