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London Climate Action Week

16/11 Towards carbon free construction: cultivating and manufacturing our homes

Engineering, architecture and construction with timber need to work together to achieve UK's goal of zero carbon emissions by 2050.

The UK is legally committed to being zero carbon by 2050. Engineered Timber is the only large-scale construction material that can be grown. To fulfil our commitment to the environment, engineering, architecture and construction with timber can work together towards our carbon free goal. Join our panel during London Climate Action Week with world-lead specialists to find out about timber’s material properties, explore Modern Methods of Construction with timber and to discuss strategies that can help us build carbon free homes for our future! Introduced by: Nicky Gavron AM - London Sustainable Development Commissioner Main speakers include: Michael Ramage - Director of the Centre for Natural Material Innovation, Cambridge University Andrew Waugh - Waugh Thistleton Architects, creator of world-leading engineered timber buildings Maria Smith - Director of Sustainability and Physics at Buro Happold Samantha Wait – Director of Business Development & External Affairs at Swan Housing Group This event is organised by the London Sustainable Development Commission and the Cambridge Centre for Natural Material Innovation.



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