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More hiring! The CNMI is looking for 2 Timber Robotic / Parametric designers to join the team!

Research Assistant / Research Associate in timber architecture and parametric design x2 (fixed term).

Apply Here

Fixed-term: The funds for this post are available for 12 months in the first instance.

The Precision Engineered Timber research project funded as part of the Construction Innovation Hub and the Centre for Digital Built Britain, in the Centre for Natural Material Innovation in the Department of Architecture, seeks two Post-Doctoral Research Associate experts in timber architecture, digital robotic design and manufacturing. The successful candidate will conduct research on design, digital fabrication, and the integration of design and manufacturing processes. We seek Research Associates with independent laboratory, programming and fabrication research experience, with an interest in engineered timber construction, off-site manufacturing, and the opportunity to transform construction. We have an active project to implement our research in full scale using robotic prototyping and fabrication.

The project will be based in hypothesis, experiment, and theory. The theoretical work will push timber design and manufacturing well beyond its current limits, but grounded in achievable goals, with a particular focus on the architecture, engineering, and construction of schools, and in association with a number of industry partners across the sector. Our research programme is tailored specifically to unlock the potential of timber for use in off-site manufactured large-scale school buildings. Our objectives to integrate design, technology, engineering and fabrication through research are:

to develop a range of school designs and the digital means of fabricating them, to develop the basis for manufacturing that can take design input using our research from multiple architects, engineers, and contractors, and to influence policymakers and procurement to ensure the adoption of timber more broadly.

Within the overall goal of transforming timber construction through digital design and manufacturing, more granular research targets that address our objectives are:

To develop timber building procurement models that leverage the vertical nature of the timber industry and CDBB's expertise in novel contract development. To define digital workflows that are available to a wide range of architects, engineers and contractors which are compatible with engineered timber, robotic cutting, and offsite manufacture but onsite assembly. To design school building components that fit into those workflows and are engaging to architects (otherwise they won't get used). To show policy and pragmatic advantages of modular, large-scale timber. This will take the form of evidence-based papers and research-based designs.

Applicants should have a strong PhD or equivalent experience in either Architecture (building technology related), Civil, Structural or Materials Engineering, Computer Science, or similarly appropriate background. Candidates should also have experience of architectural or structural design and associated analytical and computational methods. Additional skills include previous laboratory or fabrication experience (or equivalent practical experience), efficiency and productivity. Candidates with an MSc and working towards a PhD will also be considered, but for a position on the Research Assistant scale.

Candidates with previous practical or post-doctoral experience in architecture or structural engineering (especially timber and/or fabrication), problem solving, or materials, and good command of oral and written English are strongly encouraged.

Text from: University of Cambridge

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